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Tales of Zestiria Official Character Name Spellings According to Dengeki PlayStation Magazine »

  • Slay -> Sorey
  • Alicia -> Arisha
  • Mikulio -> Mikleo
  • Edna -> Edna
  • Dezel -> Dezel
  • Lyla -> Lailah
  • Zabida -> Zaveid

Thanks to @kincorda for the scans!

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"what are you thinking about?"

video game characters, how i feel about video games characters, all the video games i want, how i am going to afford all the video games i want, the new consoles i want, the video games i am yet to finish…

oh, nothing”

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wol and i were talking about if MU could reclass to manakete and

how 2 draw dragon

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Airy fits Ringabel’s chest.

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JOJO’s Portrait by 羅雨時

**Permission was granted by the artist to upload this submission. DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST.**

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I heard you can find special coloured cats (their colors are based on a Tales chracter) in Xillia 2 and I wanted to draw some of these special cats.


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My favorite ghost stories scene so far

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So this is probably been done, but seriously

Robin plz you’re a tactician. You should know better.

Tbh I’m surprised I finished this, so even if this has been done before, I don’t care. Lame jokes were meant to be made.